Month / August 2016

/ August 31, 2016 / Comments Off on I Can’t Keep Up

I Can’t Keep Up

“All the things,” is what the kids are saying these days, or so I’ve heard. Really, all of them? Like, everything? Do you know how many things there are?, I silently wonder to myself as I ponder the multitude of the universe. This thing we call “the internet” has become the back wall in the […]

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/ August 24, 2016 / Comments Off on The Size of your Dreams

The Size of your Dreams

The following quote was shared by the superintendent at my new job at the end of his letter to all staff, welcoming them back for the new year. It’s a great reminder as I recently took the leap from a comfortable job to continue to look ahead and try not to settle in too much […]

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I have been wanting to write more often recently, but have struggled to do so. Most of it has had to do with internal reasons, but I realized I have been making other excuses, like being too busy and feeling like I don’t have a very concise voice. Perfectionism is a major issue for me […]

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