Getting Back to Playing Music

It’s been about a year since I put music on the backburner of my life. I would say I was burned out creatively, even though it was nowhere near a full-time gig or anything. The only music I played was practicing for my sister’s wedding this past Spring (2 Spanish guitar pieces which was a, knowing that after that I would put it down almost completely for an indefinite amount of time.

That said, even in the last 6 months I would sometimes find the inspiration to write down some lyrics or work out a melody in my head. Not often, but it wasn’t like I cut music out of my life completely. (I don’t think I could even if I really tried.)

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My Talk from WordCamp Lehigh Valley

This is my first WordCamp talk and second time speaking publicly about WordPress. I really enjoyed it and even though I will never watch it, I’m posting it here for posterity. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to speak again soon as I’m planning to attend a few WordCamps in 2017.

I also have to give a shout-out to the organizers, Kim White and Ken Kramer, who gave me the encouragement and support to speak at this event. They are great people and incredible members of the WordPress community. link:

To comment or Not to comment

That is the question I’ve been thinking about recently. I read an article (sorry, I forget where now) that advocated getting rid of comments on your blog. It made sense, so I did, and not much changed because I have never gotten a ton of comments in the first place (which is fine with me).

My reasoning was that I never comment on other blogs, and if I wanted to respond to something, I would just reply to the tweet or facebook post linking the original post as a way to start a discussion, since that’s how I found most of what I read anyway.

It made sense at the time.

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Thoughts on asking for money

I remember when Kickstarter first launched. It wasn’t the first time I saw someone asking for money online to fund their thing, but it became a popular platform for all types of people and businesses to raise support.

Among musicians, crowdfunding is a controversial topic, and you will get a range of opinions depending on who you talk to. Some love it because they can fund a project they would otherwise not be able to make, and that is really the intent behind the creation of crowdfunding websites. Others think if a band wants to make an album, they should hit the road to make money playing gigs and building their fan base organically.

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Stretching Myself

When I was 13 I got a guitar from my parents. I had already been playing my Grandpop’s old guitar that was in our attic, then a few months later I started taking weekly lessons. I already knew music theory from childhood piano lessons and playing the trumpet in the school band for several years. After a few years I stopped taking lessons, mostly because I lost interest in practicing. Practicing is hard, at least if you want to get better.

I just started taking lessons again (about 15 years later) because I want to get better. I’ll have to practice the same things over and over until I get them right. I’m trying to learn new techniques I’ve never been able to figure out on my own and it’s already frustrating. It’s also strange to feel incompetent because I have been a decent player for the last 15 years. But I have a goal and to get there, I need to push myself beyond my current abilities and even what I might think is possible.

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