Just Start Writing

Back in elementary school I remember sitting at our kitchen table, staring down at a blank piece of paper. I had to write a book report but when I tried to begin, I became so overwhelmed by the magnitude of the project that I just froze and couldn’t think of anything to write.

So I asked my Dad what to do and he said, “Just start writing.”

While it may seem counterintuitive, or just impossible, this was the best advice I’ve gotten on writing.

Just start.

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Resisting the Urge to Hate

I have never been very politically active or written about politics much here, and I don’t intend to ever turn this blog into that. However, it seems we are now living in a time where we can’t avoid or espace it, especially when we go online.

The Government

Recently, it occurred to me that certain people (and probably even entire parts) in our government want us to become divided. As long as we are fighting amongst ouselves, we are distracted from what they’re doing and inherently more dependent on them, which makes it easy for them to stay in power.

No government wants resistance; they want compliance and thrive on our apathy. I worry that part of the governments’ strategy is to wear us down with our anger until we no longer have the strength or will to fight.

If that’s the case, it appears to be working.

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Blogging Every Day for 15 Years

Just watched this video again and am thinking through the long term implications of dedication and consistency. Looking forward to the time when I can look back on similar milestones.

Yes, I Started Reading Another Book

I haven’t finished any of the books I started this month yet, but I just began reading another one, a marketing book called “Get Clients Now!” as it was recommended by Curtis McHale.

I’m about 1/3 of the way through “Creative Confidence” (it’s longer than I initially realized) and am really enjoying it. However, it doesn’t really have any “actionable” advice and I just felt like I needed something to help me become more proactive in my business. I’m already about 15% through the book, so I think I’ll be able to finish them both by the end of February.

Finding time to read is not really a problem, even though it requires a more intentional effort than listening to a podcast. But I find I can concentrate better if I listen to some ambient music at the same time.

I’m also still going through “Tools of Titans” by Tim Ferriss, who was just on The Tonight Show and had a pretty interesting interview.

40 Days of Blogging

Over on my web design business site, I’ve been wanting to blog more frequently. Since I’ve established a consistent habit of posting here Monday-Friday, I’m going to start posting there 3 days a week (M,W,F).

Starting with Chris Lema’s Forty Blogging Topics for WordPress Freelancers, I’m hoping that it will kickstart a regular blogging schedule over there as well. At three per week, that gives me enough ideas for the next 13 weeks.

The first post of this series is How I Learned WordPress.