Fighting a Losing Battle for Privacy

Over the years, I’ve written about my overall hate for Facebook and their lack of concern for their users’ privacy (to put it nicely). Every time they make changes without telling people, I feel responsible as a tech-savvy person to try to let my friends and family know to make sure they are aware and can make the necessary changes.

Overall, social media just feels like an endless pursuit of no concrete goal. It sells itself as an easy way to “stay connected” with more people than you possibly could in real life, help you reconnect with old friends/flames, and make new “connections” with people of similar interests.

While Facebook gets the majority of my scorn, I generally feel the same way with other mediums such as Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter, which has definitely shifted over the years from an interesting and engaging platform to a wasteland of uneducated political and social commentary. I believe one of the reasons it has been failing recently is the very thing that made it great in the beginning: it’s an open platform where anyone can say whatever they want, and you can generally “follow” whoever you want as well.

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