Wonder Woman

She is smart. She is strong. She is compassionate. She is brave.

She works tirelessly during the day, taking care of our four rambunctious children. She gets up in the middle of the night to feed the baby. She has changed countless diapers, washed millions of dishes, and even fixes clogged drains and changes light bulbs.

She watches dance performances. She reads books. She braids hair and ties shoes. She prepares meals and feeds the little ones. She kisses boo-boos and puts on band-aids. She sings to them and plays peek-a-boo. She bathes them, brushes their teeth, and puts them to bed.

She is a shoulder to cry on. She gets squeezed, scratched, and bitten.

She rocks the baby and holds her for hours until she’s asleep for the night. Then she starts all over five minutes later.

She posses a love of animals and all living things and passes it on. She is a scientist with an endless appetite for knowledge. She spends her days teaching her children, answering an endless string of questions and encouraging even more. She teaches math, biology, grammar, astronomy, history, reading, writing, politics, languages and countless other things. She has taught our children how to crawl, walk, and run. She keeps everyone safe.

She researches, plans, and organizes activities. She takes pictures and shares them proudly with her family.

She takes an interest in others and asks questions. She loves talking about things she is passionate about, especially her family. She listens, she laughs, and she cries.

She stays up late preparing for tomorrow to do it all again, and wouldn’t have it any other way.

She does a thousand other things I can’t remember…or don’t even know about.

She would say she is not perfect but she’s perfect for me.

She is a wonderful woman, and she is my best friend and wife.

Making Things out of Wood

A few nights ago, I had a great conversation while catching up with an old friend. We started out talking about normal things like how our kids were doing and how things were going at our respective jobs but eventually turned to deeper things. Something I shared was how I was starting a new hobby of woodworking, thanks to the help of another friend.

I have a limited amount of experience on my own but grew up helping my Grandfather with various projects in his workshop, so in part, I am doing this in order to reestablish that connection I had with him and to my childhood. But the main reason I want to learn how to make things is that working in the technology field has left me feeling like I’ve lost a connection to the “real world” in a sense.

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Depression and Suicide

This is the post I’ve been avoiding writing for a long time.*

With the news of Chester Bennington, best known as the singer and songwriter of Linkin Park, having recently taken his own life at the age of 41, depression and suicide are once again in the forefront of the news. People are sad and grieving, sharing memories of his this person affected them and offering hopeful words to anyone who might be struggling with similar thoughts or feelings.

Whenever I see people sharing words of encouragement like, “Just talk to someone,” my first thought is always that this person, who surely means well, does not understand the first thing about depression.

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Learning Spanish, Italian, and ASL

Last week I downloaded Duolingo and started learning Spanish. I took two years of Spanish in middle, which was the mandatory number of years one needed to take a language, and chose Spanish because the consensus was it was the easiest.

I did not do well (I think I got mostly C’s and maybe even a few D’s), probably due to the fact that I did not care about learning another language. I loved English and writing in school, and eventually went on to teach myself several computer languages on my own and in college (and beyond), including (in order):

  • HTML
  • Java
  • CSS
  • PHP
  • JavaScript
  • Swift

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Being Picked Last

I’m reading a book about shame that my sister recently recommended to me. I’ll be blogging my thoughts as I go, both to help me process what I’m thinking about and to share anything that might be beneficial to anyone else.

In a conversation with my sister, she helped me realize how much shame has played a part in my self-esteem, self-perception, confidence (or lack thereof), socialization, friendships, and overall maturity. In fact, I realized it plays a part in almost every aspect of my life, if not every one, in some way.

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