6 Problems with our School System

Aileen posted this video on Facebook today and I thought it was worth sharing, along with some of my thoughts.

The 6 Problems

  1. Industrial Age Values
  2. Lack Of Autonomy
  3. Inauthentic Learning
  4. No Room For Passion
  5. How We Learn
  6. Lecturing

Since I went to a public school from K-10th grade myself, and now work in a public school, I know and see firsthand how these problems are affecting children. I also know teachers who feel trapped by the system and would give anything to throw away their rubrics, standards, and grade-books in exchange for a freer learning environment.

It’s so unfortunate how the ones making decisions about how children should be learning are nowhere near the classroom. Worst of all, the ones hurt the most by these decisions are the students themselves. I could write an entire post on each of these problems, and how we feel homeschooling solves or at least addresses them.

I know some schools are actively working on programs to put students and their education first, using concepts like project-based learning and flipped classrooms. Many of these philosophies are quite similar to the unschooling model we use at home.

Imagine a world where students were not only given the opportunity but even encouraged to find solutions to real-world problems.

  • They could start and run a business instead of taking an accounting class.
  • They could take field trips every day to the places they read about in books.
  • They could have time to explore every curiosity in the world around them.
  • They could pursue an interest and see if turns into a lifelong passion.
  • They could learn from their mistakes when the risk of failure is so small.
  • They could teach us adults a thing or two.

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