I’m obsessed with learning new things and trying to constantly improve myself in different areas of life. The focus of this blog is to share what I’m learning and how I’m changing along the way.


Some of the things I write about:

  • Books I’m reading
  • Health (physical, mental, emotional, etc.)
  • Education (personal and homeschooling our kids)
  • Hobbies (music, woodworking, etc.)

Sometimes I give talks about WordPress.


In 1995, when I decided to teach myself HTML during my summer vacation, I started creating websites and have not stopped learning new things about technology. I have also been blogging on and off, starting on Xanga and MySpace, and building sites on GeoCities and Homestead (which had free hosting plans).

I strongly value the idea of owning your own platform and the freedom that comes with it. About ten years ago, this led me to discover WordPress, and I realized it could be more than just a blogging platform. I saw the potential it had to create full websites and began learning how to create my own themes with HTML, CSS, and PHP.

From 2007-2016, I worked in the I.T. field at Lakeside Educational Network, a non-profit educational program in Horsham, PA. It was been an honor to work alongside so many great teachers and counselors in support of their mission, “to empower youth and families to overcome difficulties and achieve success.”

Starting in August of 2016, I began working in the Cheltenham School District as a Computer Technician.

In 2017, I started a freelance web design & development company called Open Waves Design.