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Buildings by the sea
/ March 1, 2017 / Comments Off on Preparing for WordCamp Lancaster

Preparing for WordCamp Lancaster

I finally finished my slides for Saturday, so now I just have to practice it a few times and I’ll be good to go. I’m been hearing great things about WordCamp Lancaster and am very excited to attend for the first time! On another note, I’ve started a side project of building a dollhouse for my […]

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Windmills on the water near farms
/ February 22, 2017 / Comments Off on An experiment in creating value

An experiment in creating value

A few weeks ago, I decided to start blogging more frequently at Open Waves Design, my business for web design and development. I had a resource for 40 blogging topics and planned to blog through them. I knew I couldn’t do one per day and keep up this daily blog as well, but I figured […]

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pencil and blank notebook on a map
/ January 31, 2017 / Comments Off on Just Start Writing

Just Start Writing

Back in elementary school I remember sitting at our kitchen table, staring down at a blank piece of paper. I had to write a book report but when I tried to begin, I became so overwhelmed by the magnitude of the project that I just froze and couldn’t think of anything to write. So I […]

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/ January 15, 2017 / Comments Off on Understanding Web Design by Jeffrey Zeldman

Understanding Web Design by Jeffrey Zeldman

An amazing talk that covers the history of design on the web. Can’t believe I haven’t read more about this guy already. When the institutions we’ve appointed to judge our best work don’t understand the nature or value of that work, then our clients, bosses, and coworkers won’t understand it either. And their lack of […]

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Arrival movie
/ January 12, 2017 / Comments Off on The Importance of a Good Story

The Importance of a Good Story

A few weeks ago, I saw the movie Arrival. There are no spoilers in this post but I wanted to write some of my thoughts after seeing what might be my favorite movie ever, or at least in my top 5. If you have kids, this movie will crush you. The main story is of course […]

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