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Tools in toolshed

A few nights ago, I had a great conversation while catching up with an old friend. We started out talking about normal things like how our kids were doing and how things were going at our respective jobs but eventually turned to deeper things. Something I shared was how I was starting a new hobby […]

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Venice, Italy

Last week I downloaded Duolingo and started learning Spanish. I took two years of Spanish in middle, which was the mandatory number of years one needed to take a language, and chose Spanish because the consensus was it was the easiest. I did not do well (I think I got mostly C’s and maybe even […]

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I’m reading a book about shame that my sister recently recommended to me. I’ll be blogging my thoughts as I go, both to help me process what I’m thinking about and to share anything that might be beneficial to anyone else. In a conversation with my sister, she helped me realize how much shame has […]

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A broken pier
/ February 16, 2017 / Comments Off on Learning from failure

Learning from failure

As you could probably tell from my blog post yesterday, I wasn’t in the highest of spirits about my progress with learning Swift. I decided to spend some time working on my first program to make some of the changes I had been wanting to try. I failed miserably.

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Man looking at notes on a wall
/ February 14, 2017 / Comments Off on Learning through Teaching

Learning through Teaching

We’ve all heard the saying, “those you can’t do, teach.” It’s unclear exactly where this quote originated, but it’s quite obvious how much it undervalues teachers. Earlier today, I was thinking about how I am┬álearning Swift and going through so much content at such a rapid pace, especially compared to my┬átraditional computer science education from […]

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