To comment or Not to comment

That is the question I’ve been thinking about recently. I read an article (sorry, I forget where now) that advocated getting rid of comments on your blog. It made sense, so I did, and not much changed because I have never gotten a ton of comments in the first place (which is fine with me).

My reasoning was that I never comment on other blogs, and if I wanted to respond to something, I would just reply to the tweet or facebook post linking the original post as a way to start a discussion, since that’s how I found most of what I read anyway.

It made sense at the time.

But the more I thought about it, and the more I read and considered others’ opinions, I finally decided on a compromise. Comments will be open for 30 days after the original post, then closed automatically. So get your comments in quick!

This accomplishes two things:

  • Reduces anxiety about someone reading an old post and having to go back and rehash an opinion that may have changed
  • Limits spam comments to only a few recent posts instead of the entire history of the blog

Another thing that happened is reaching my saturation point with social media, to the point of deleting the apps off my phone (again). I have done this several times and always find a reason to reinstall them eventually. I’m not quitting social media but I find the level of stress during the election cycle to be overbearing.

I know there are ways to filter out things you don’t want to see, but I have a hard time resisting that and find myself wanting to know whatever is the latest thing that is happening.

I find it enormously distracting, to the point where it’s affecting my life in a negative way, mostly in my word view and thoughts about humanity. Since I’m already bent towards pessimism it’s not a far stretch to reach hopelessness.

I’ve tried to avoid making this an over-dramatic post about social media, as many do when they announce they are leaving whatever platform they are fed up with. However, I realize it still may come off that way and I’m fine with that. This is an off the cuff post about a decision I’ve made after thinking about it a lot over the last few months.

Comments? Go right ahead.

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