I can feel my brain growing

I haven’t posted much about my progress since starting the course on iOS programming a few weeks ago. Actually, I’ve only written about it once since I began.

Three weeks into learning Swift

Things have been progressing quickly. I learned the basics such as types, operators, arrays, dictionaries (this was a new concept for me), loops, and conditional statements. Then came the more complex things like functions and complex data structures such as classes (and class inheritance) and objects. Overall, I think I’m getting more comfortable with the syntax and style of writing the language.

However, I can also almost feel my brain being stretched beyond its current limitations (is that a real thing?) as the more complicated ideas and abstractions are being introduced. Data types are literal expressions are naturally easier to comprehend because you can compare them to real things, but something like an initialization method in a class is definitely a harder concept for me to grasp.

I Still Don’t Love Math

Also, as the math gets more complicated too, I find myself struggling to complete the more advanced exercises. But it’s is all a good and necessary process if I eventually want to be able to build programs on my own (and I do).

Actually, I look forward to these obstacles instead of fearing them. It means I’m growing and learning, and even having fun.

Building An App

All this coding practice has finally paid off to the point where I’m starting to learn how to build a real program. I’m currently learning about views and view controllers, which are the essential pieces in connecting your code to an interface.

Onward and upward!

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