Learn by Doing

I have a friend who is learning WordPress and it’s been fun helping him get started. Something I’ve realized over the last year is how much I enjoy teaching people how to use technology for their benefit, and am taking steps to make that the primary focus of my business.

There is a ton of competition for simple web development services. It’s also becoming easier (and therefore more cost-effective) to build a website yourself using third-party tools and systems. So I have been thinking about what sets me apart as well as what value I can offer both now and continually in the future.

The direction I’d like to start moving towards is offering services built on creating an ongoing relationship with clients. Not only is this generally a better business practice (because returning clients cost less than acquiring new ones), but it’s how I can provide the most value to  help clients as they need it.

The opportunity to differentiate myself in the market is only going to become more important. So many freelancers are successful because they dominate a niche instead of trying to be everything to everyone. So while I can and will continue to build websites, I will also find ways to add value to my current and previous clients.

Online training has become a popular method for people to learn almost anything, but is especially useful to learn technology-related things. So it only makes sense to find a niche within that market and work on serving those who are seeking help.

If you want to learn something new this year, what steps are you taking to reach your goals?

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