Learning JavaScript Deeply

I have tried and failed several times to learn JavaScript. Even though I was a Computer Science major in college for two years, I ended up in web design because I liked the design aspect of making websites, but also because I didn’t think I would make a good programmer. As it turns out, it was a self-fulfilling prophecy more than anything.

Being a WordPress developer I knew I’d eventually have to learn JavaScript, so I went through books, courses, and various online training in the last few years. But it just didn’t stick with me.

After attending WordCamp US this past weekend, I realized two things which I have set as goals for 2017:

  1. Learn JavaScript
  2. Blog about it

I have always loved making things and figuring out how things work. However, I have let software programming elude me for the last fifteen years. In order to make something stick I know I need a reason to need to learn it, not just to want to learn it. So I have rededicated myself to put most of my energy and focus into learning JavaScript next year.

Chris Lema gave a very inspiring talk near the end of the first day of the conference, encouraging everyone to stop using whatever excuses they had for not writing and to just start writing. He proposed that through writing you will find your voice.

I have always loved writing, but have been hesitant to blog about programming because of how inferior I feel as a developer. But I know writing about it will not only make me a better writer, but a better programmer as well. For those reasons, this site will primarily be a place where I write about what I’m learning.

It’s December. What are your goals for 2017?

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