I spent some time this weekend setting up the free version of Cloudflare’s CDN (content delivery network) on all of my websites. I had tried it a few times previously and every time it was activated it stopped my sites from loading. After revisiting it yesterday I was able to get it working, and have noticed a significant increase in site loading time.

There still seem to be a few issues I still have to work out, however. The first is how it works with SSL certificates, which I have set up to automatically redirect non-secure sites to the site with a secure HTTPS protocol (hence the green lock next to my URL).

What was happening initially was if you typed in “https://craigallen.net,” it would redirect to “https://www.craigallen.net,” then “https://www.craigallen.net, “then finally to “https://craigallen.net.” All of this would happen relatively quickly and you wouldn’t notice anything happening on the front-end, but it’s still a problem.

I got a message that Cloudflare requires “www,” so in order to cut down on redirects so I could still use it, I just changed my site to use “www” in the beginning so it stops at the third one. Not an ideal solution but a “good enough” fix for now.

The second issue is with browser cache and other functions to increase loading speed (minifying HTML, CSS, JS, etc.). I now can’t get any caching plugin to work properly, so I have to figure that out as soon as possible. If all else fails, I’ll send an email to SiteGround support to help.