My first program in Swift

After spending dozens of hours learning the basic concepts of the Swift (Mac programming) language, I finally completed a course that walks you through the entire process of building an app.

The basic concept of the app is every time you press a button, it loads a new, random fact on the screen. While obviously very simple in functionality, it still took a few hours to program the code, set up and connect the interface, then test and build it onto a real mobile device (iPhone).

The exciting part for me was that I got it to work! Also, I now understand the process of preparing an app for deployment, including creating a digital signature, applying the required assets such as the icon set, and testing on multiple devices.

While the app technically works, it’s not useful enough to be a real, complete application by itself. But, there are several fundamental processes that need to be practiced in addition to just getting the code to compile correctly, in order to have a totally finished app. So it was great to get to that point and feel a sense of accomplishment.

The next steps are to continue going through the course, where I’ll continue learning some of the more advanced concepts. Also, I want to continue to evolve this basic app to learn how to program other functionality. So as I complete those self-imposed challenges, I’ll share what they are how I did it.

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