One Week of Blogging

I told you last week I would be sharing more about what I’m learning, so what better place to start than with what I learned last week by writing every day?

First, and most importantly, I’ve realized that while writing is a creative endeavor, writing daily is more of a displine than anything else. What I mean is it’s not as much about being inspired as it is about being intentional. That shift in perspective alone created an explosion of ideas which itself became inspiration enough to sit down and do the work.

Second, I was almost immediately inspired to take on other challenges. By committing to a regular schedule in one area, two other things fell into place over the weekend. The first was starting a vlog which is currently on YouTube. The second is exercising again every day, or as much as possible. While I’m sure I’ll miss a day here or there, I have recommitted myself to making it a top priority.

What Now?

Getting through the first week was easy, but this week has felt more difficult in coming up with ideas. The displine of doing something every day also means showing up even when the ideas aren’t there or you don’t feel as motivated.

The bottom line is there’s no secret to doing anything successfully. Sure, there are tips and tricks you learn along the way, and advice you can take from others that may or may not work for you. Ultimately, it’s just about doing what’s necessary to accomplish your goals.

Sometimes it will come easily, and other times it will be hard. But sticking with it will be worth it, even if it means finding out it’s not what you thought you wanted.

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