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Mixing & Mastering Services

Every song is unique, so every mix should be too.  When I mix your tracks, I will approach them a fresh perspective, and give every part of the song the treatment it deserves.

Mastering is a critical, final step in the recording and mixing process.

Mastering can bring out the best in your mixes by balancing out frequencies, helping your mixes translate well on all listening environments, enhancing the overall energy of a track, bringing continuity to all the tracks on an album or EP, and also bringing up the loudness to commercially acceptable levels.

What Mastering CAN’T Do For Your Mixes

Mastering can’t make a bad mix sound great. It just can’t. If the mix is bad, so will the master be. Sorry to break it to you.

All that being said, proper mastering can help make just about any mix sound the best that it possibly can. Your mastered tracks should sound just like your mixes, only better!

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Your Mix Will Get

  • Time spent listening to take note of what each song needs
  • Proper gain staging for maximum headroom and clarity
  • Equalization to help every track blend in or stand out as needed
  • Compression to create energy and balance
  • Musical additions of reverb, delay, and other spacial effects

Your Mix Will NOT Get

  • Pitch/vocal correction
  • Drum editing/tightening
  • Comping of multiple takes

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  • Custom EQ on each track for better balance
  • Multiband compression to even out bass response and sibilance in the top end
  • Stereo widening for better separation and clarity
  • Limiting and loudness maximization for commercially acceptable, but still musical tracks
  • Proper spacing and fading of tracks on an album or EP

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Your Feedback

I know for some people it’s hard to imagine handing over their life’s work to a stranger, potentially half way around the world and then expect them to deliver a great mix without any input. So let me ease your mind.

Every mix I do includes up to two rounds of revisions based on your feedback. I have discovered over the years that this three mix approach (my initial mix, plus two more revised mixes) is the perfect way to get your much needed input onto my mix. This works quickly and efficiently. In the end, everyone is happy.

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I don’t expect you to hire me without knowing what kind of work I can do for you.  That’s why I have a page of recent music I’ve worked on so you can feel confident and comfortable working with me.

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