My first program in Swift

After spending dozens of hours learning the basic concepts of the Swift (Mac programming) language, I finally completed a course that walks you through the entire process of building an app.

The basic concept of the app is every time you press a button, it loads a new, random fact on the screen. While obviously very simple in functionality, it still took a few hours to program the code, set up and connect the interface, then test and build it onto a real mobile device (iPhone).

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I can feel my brain growing

I haven’t posted much about my progress since starting the course on iOS programming a few weeks ago. Actually, I’ve only written about it once since I began.

Three weeks into learning Swift

Things have been progressing quickly. I learned the basics such as types, operators, arrays, dictionaries (this was a new concept for me), loops, and conditional statements. Then came the more complex things like functions and complex data structures such as classes (and class inheritance) and objects. Overall, I think I’m getting more comfortable with the syntax and style of writing the language.

However, I can also almost feel my brain being stretched beyond its current limitations (is that a real thing?) as the more complicated ideas and abstractions are being introduced. Data types are literal expressions are naturally easier to comprehend because you can compare them to real things, but something like an initialization method in a class is definitely a harder concept for me to grasp.

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The Basics of Programming

As I recently mentioned, I decided to learn Swift to be able to create a MacOS app. With learning anything new comes the frustrations of feeling incompetent and annoyed that seemingly simple tasks prove to be difficult.

But I have to remind myself to be patient and not try to rush the process, even though I’m eager to get started building something.

The image above is a screenshot from the first few hours into a class I’m taking on LearningTree. It’s nothing special but the fact that there are no red dots (error messages) proves I have already learned something, and that’s worth acknowledging.

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Learning Swift

I officially began learning Swift yesterday, the new programming language for Mac OS and iOS applications. So far I have to say it’s the easiest language to learn from a syntax perspective, in that every other programming language had major stumbling blocks for me in the early stages, to the point where I gave up without ever building anything.

Up until now, I thought I’d be “only” ever be a web developer, which wouldn’t be a bad thing necessarily. But, I have wanted to learn how to create desktop applications for awhile and am finally jumping into that world.

So I’ll share what I’m learning as I go.

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