The Basics of Programming

As I recently mentioned, I decided to learn Swift to be able to create a MacOS app. With learning anything new comes the frustrations of feeling incompetent and annoyed that seemingly simple tasks prove to be difficult.

But I have to remind myself to be patient and not try to rush the process, even though I’m eager to get started building something.

The image above is a screenshot from the first few hours into a class I’m taking on LearningTree.┬áIt’s nothing special but the fact that there are no red dots (error messages) proves I have already learned something, and that’s worth acknowledging.

I’m not sure where this journey will take me but I have several ideas for applications that could be fun projects to create. I’m sure as I’m learning I’ll continue to get ideas, and am documenting as much as I can so I can start working on those things as soon as I’m able.

Programmming might not seem like much fun to most people, but to me learning the skills and how to use the tools to build anything I want is exciting enough to push through the inital learning curve. I already feel like I understand more using Swift than I have other languages I spent years trying to understand.

The excitement comes in small doses whenever you get something to work, but it spikes immediately after you solve a problem that’s been stumping you for awhile. This process helps not ony reenforce the material, but also serves as an encouragement along the way, so I want to make sure to highlight those moments as they occur, however small they end up being.

The process for building anything complicated always starts with building the smaller pieces first, then putting the puzzle together.

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