The Benefits of Taking a Break

After blogging almost every day for three weeks, I decided to take a break at the end of the year and not post anything over the holidays. It was good timing not because I had run out of things to write, but it was good to step back and evaluate some things before switching over the calendar. It also gave me more time to spend with my kids, including our newborn, and help us all catch up on sleep.

To Plan Ahead

I wanted to take a break specifically to have the time and headspace to freely think about what I wanted to do in the new year, without the burden of needing to write about something every day. I already had a pretty good idea about it, but I think I benefited from the extra time to focus on some of the details.

Continual Learning

I mentioned yesterday I would be sharing more about what I’m planning to do this year. The purpose of writing down my goals is mostly to keep myself accountable to them this year. I’ll be writing more about specific progress as updates occur throughout the year, but here is a general list of what I’ll be working on:

  1. My first WordPress theme – built from scratch and submit to the WordPress theme repository.
  2. WordPress courses – I have been working through a WordPress development track on Treehouse, which has tracks for several coding and web development tracks I plan on exploring this year and beyond. The link is an affiliate which gives me a free month if you sign up. You can also try it out completely free for a week!
  3. Volunteer/attend 3 WordCamps – and possibly speak at one again.
  4. Read at least one book per month – mostly non-fiction that will be for personal and/or my businesses benefit (probably both in most cases).
  5. Start (and lead) an accountability group – I have a few friends in non-technical professions who have recently started their businesses and have agreed to meet regularly. I’m excited about the potential this could bring our businesses as well as growing our friendship.

In less specific but equally important ways, I want to continue building relationships in the WordPress community this year and into the future. My biggest takeaway from last year was how important the support is (both in giving and receiving) to building a sustainable business by myself.

So I’ll be investing time in attending meetups and stretching myself to reach out and get to know new people. There are still people I haven’t met at the meetup I’ve been attending, and I want to continue making that a priority.

What steps are you taking to accomplish your goals this year?

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