Last week, I created a Slack channel for my freelance web design business. The purpose was to centralize as many of my tools and task management systems as possible to increase efficiency. I still have a few things to add (and some bugs to work out), but things look promising so far. Since I’m the only person in my business, it’s not used as a communication tool at this point, but there are still plenty of good reasons to use it anyway.

Connect All The Things

Once I realized how many things I could connect to Slack, it just made sense to try it out and see if it would help me be better organized in my business. I have added the following integrations so far:

  • Asana – for project management
  • ManageWP – notification of updates using a custom incoming-webhook
  • Twitter – for any @ replies to my account (so I don’t need to leave Twitter open)
  • GitHub – to post commits, issue & pull request activity
  • Todo – a bot for creating to-do items in any channel

I also added channels for Billing, Leads, and a few for specific personal projects to track to-do items separately. This allows me to quickly access information I need without having to search through an email conversation or another application.

If you use Slack in your business or just personally, I’d love to learn how you use it!