We Need Inspirational Stories

People love inspirational stories. There’s almost nothing we love more than an underdog overcoming an impossible obstacle to save the day, right?

Even better if it’s true.

Since I began attending my local WordPress meetup last year, I have met some of the most encouraging people, and that has inspired me to find ways to contribue to the community. One of those people is Andy Still, who has been sharing his story over the last few years on his personal blog. I am one of the people he talks about inspiring, although I know I’m only one of many.

Recently, Liam Dempsey talked about organizing the Philly ‘burbs WordPress Meetup on Joe Casabona’s podcast, “How I Built It.”

A site that continues to inspire me is HeroPress, where people share stories of how WordPress has impacted their lives. One recent post by Heather Acton struck a chord with me, and I’m betting is also inspiring many others.

I think it’s important to keep seeking out these types of stories, which can serve as encouragement when I’m feeling frustrated or overwhelmed with the daily grind of trying to build a business. It’s good to be reminded of the bigger picture and take the time to learn from the experiences of others.

Who inspires you?

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