What to Pursue

I recently made a list of things I want to learn, either for the first time or to improve upon in 2017. I was thinking about how many things I didn’t know, or didn’t know as well as I’d like to, and once it got past a few I decided I needed to write them down.

Learning Things

Here’s what I’d like to learn next year (in no particular order…yet):

  1. Programming (PHP & JavaScript)
  2. SASS + Gulp/Grunt
  3. Responsive images
  4. WordPress Multisite
  5. WP-CLI
  6. GitHub
  7. WordPress Plugin development
  8. Stripe payments
  9. Genesis + hooks/filters
  10. ACF plugin
  11. Flexbox
  12. My own WordPress theme framework

That’s one thing per month, but I certainly don’t expect to become an expert on any of these things in the next year.

But by making a list, I can hopefully focus on a few things and make someuseful progress in those areas over time. So I will keep this handy and refer back to it often throughout the year, as I need to remind myself of what I’m trying to learn. I know I can’t learn everything but this keeps me from getting overwhelmed at the pace of changing technology.

Reading Things

I also recently finished “Design Is A Job” by Mike Monteiro, and started “Responsive Web Design” by Ethan Marcotte. I’m going to try to read more consistently, alternating between business and technical books.

Making Things

I have another list of ideas that are bigger, longterm projects that I hope to make some headway on next year as well. In order of plans/priority, they are:

  • A WordPress course and resources website
  • A WordPress theme shop
  • A Podcast

I already have the names picked out and domains ready to go, but I am trying to spend more time in the planning phase with each project in order to prepare as much as possible before launching. This also gives me the advantage of learning as much as I can along the way, while keeping in mind that having an MVP is good enough to ship something once it’s done, but not necessarily perfect.

What are your goals for next year?

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